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Anti Isis

To the governments of the U.S. and other anti-ISIS coalition members:

1. Establish a coalition central command through which to channel military aid to Iraqi Kurds and charge it with:
a) coordinating weapons deliveries to, and training of, Kurdish peshmerga forces by coalition members;

b) ensuring that weapons are exclusively distributed to, and used by, KDP-PUK joint brigades;
c) engaging the peshmerga affairs minister and KDP-PUK joint-brigade commanders on military tactics and the use of coalition-supplied weapons; and

d) conditioning military support on coordination of anti-IS operations with non-Kurdish actors in the disputed territories and the Abadi government, and drafting with the Abadi government a post-IS plan that foresees the reinstatement of local institutions and security forces in these areas.

To the peshmerga affairs minister and the KDP and PUK leaderships:

2. Establish a joint operations room bringing together the minister, KDP-PUK joint-brigade commanders and relevant security agencies to draft a Kurdish national security strategy that would ease delivery of coalition military aid.

3. Continue to integrate paramilitary forces into KDP-PUK joint brigades that respond to a single chain of command and refrain from deploying irregular forces against IS.

4. Improve coordination with the Abadi government and Iraqi army on the provision of weapons and training to the KRG.

5. Complete integration of the KDP and PUK military, security and intelligence services into the KRG.

To the Kurdistan region presidency:

6. Encourage consolidation of KRG institutions in general and the peshmerga affairs ministry in particular and their emancipation from partisan control.
7. Engage the Abadi government on the future of the disputed territories and local institutions and refrain from calls for Kurdish independence.

8. Redouble efforts to coordinate KRG regional security operations with PKK and PKK-allied forces.


To the government of Iraq:

9. Develop a joint security strategy with the KRG to counter IS, and work with the KRG to settle outstanding disputes over oil exports and budget allocations.

To the governments of Turkey and Iran:

10. Support coalition efforts toward institutionalising peshmerga forces and reinforcing their cooperation with the central government.


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