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Prepare For Global Unrest

I am compelled to worry about what is happening in Hong Kong. I am afraid everything about this crisis in Hong Kong  has the fingerprints of the Beijing communists.

They are not going to honour the 50-year deal with any integrity. Really, who ever thought they would. 

For Taiwan, Tibet, Mongolia and Hong Kong, it is unequivocally true that independence would be a better solution than the continuous pain and frustration of dealing with Beijing. 

This should be achieved simultaneously with cooperation at all levels in Beijing and through the assistance of the UN with elections and monitoring. 

Beijing needs to understand that when the kids want to eave home, they must be allowed to go. Totalitarian miscreants cannot forever rule the day with tyranny. 

Too many lies and deceptions are the legacy of Beijing for there to be ever any trust. Who really trusts Beijing at face value? "One nation - two systems" is bafflegab.

In many places around the world there is more than a random disregard for the will of the people. Hong Kong is no different, it's just that its evolution and timing bring it to a crossroads others do not yet face. 

Self-determination and self-governance should be the right of all nations. At a time in human development when the sophistication of the species' industrialization could make life very comfortable for everyone, greed has instead ruled the day and the vast majority of humankind is sliding back to stone wheels and fire.  

All of that is to say that while governments are preparing themselves with better riot gear and nasty crowd control weapons, they are only clinging to power with the wrong tools. Leadership needs to know  GOOD PUBLIC POLICY  IS A BETTER GUARANTEE OF CONTINUING GOVERNANCE.... not these disgusting weapons designed to hurt large groups of people doing peaceful protest. They wouldn't need to raise their voices if their leaders truly listened. And leaders also need to know  they have no right to lead unless they do listen and abide the will of the people.

I am so ashamed some days when I see the conduct of my fellow human beings.

Look to the stars and if you don't see a God at least consider that there is likely a collection of much smarter creatures out there. How do we explain our conduct to these watchers? How did we get to this place we are at? Why do we allow ourselves to be bullied by those we choose to serve the public's well-being? 

We blame our leaders but maybe we should vote better; teach our children better; and encourage the best and the brightest in our midst to seek public office instead of leaving those roles to the greedy and the ruthless.  I always remind people, don't ever miss a chance to vote wisely, making an informed choice. If you don't see a candidate you like, that is when you must run yourself for office or seek a better one who will.

In the meantime, we are headed for revolutions all around the world. Look at these ISIS screwballs in the mideast. That's a revolution in the making by ruthless fanatics who are brutalizing Kurdish, Yizidi, Christian nice ordinary people. 

Now look at the people in Hong Kong out in the streets . Who are they? Academics, professors, students, poets, musicians, doctors, artists. OMG--nice ordinary people brutalized by minions of ruthless fanatics in Beijing. These cops are from the ranks of Hong Kong's population. Look at their faces. They don't want to hurt anyone but their orders in their earphones conflict with what is in their hearts. Sprinkling of fools among the throngs will soon break the peace and

Revolutions are beginning wherever the rule of law has become corrupt and untenable. 

Before long one third to half the world will be living in refugee slums. Get used to a lot of unrest.

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