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Esther Tailfeathers 02 June at 10:24


Geez, Ruffian. Had a strange dream about you. Dreamt you came to visit. When you showed up I was happy to see you. Gave you a big hug then felt your skin start to break. The palms of your hands were red and tender and the ulnar side of your right hand opened up. Your flesh was so friable. I just felt so bad. Called a specialist to come and look. 2 doctors arrived, neither one new what was going on. My dad came to look and brought a medicine man. He said your heart is breaking on the outside. 


Such a disturbing dream. Gee my friend. I hope those wounds get some attention soon. 


Hugs, hugs n more hugs. 


Also there was a strange woman in this dream following you. She would talk to me but not you. She was a nice looking, 35 yr old or so, short brown hair, but she had a large mass in her lower abdomen, like an ovarian tumor gone crazy. 

Sorry my friend. Must be my subconscious mixing my concern for you with my break from work.

Love you, really hope your pain lessens quickly.


Esther Tailfeathers 02 June at 11:24 


I think you know what to do. My take on it, honestly, is that even if you rescue her from this horrible situation that you will always be rescuing her. She was frail to begin with. If you go get her you will also have a lot to overcome too. Will you be ok with her cheating, will you ever be able to trust her. Trust is a big issue. 


I don't think she has the inner strength to build that properly. I think she may play on those insecurities to keep you busy showing her how much you love her. 


If you go rescue her now, you can literally say that you have been to hell and back for her. Would she do the same for you?


What would you be content with? Can you overcome and continue to expend this much energy over time?


That dream tells me you are hurt, the skin in places was scalded, you did get burned, now that I think about it.


You have helped so many people, unselfishly. Even gone to jail, which makes you a hero in my mind.

You give your heart entirely and then you find a solution. Me, I just get mad and walk away.


Esther Tailfeathers 02 June at 11:59 

I say get yourself a brown weasel to carry on your left shoulder, give him lots of foam pillows to tear up. For the time being, anyway.

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