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After using Sam Harris's contageous phrase, "...motherload of bad ideas" as a launch to suggest Islam reform itself and try getting into the 21st centurry with the rest of us (well, maybe not the Jews and the Catholics, whose modernization needs a second sober tweek)... 


I questioned my own thinking and decided to postulate whether or not ISIL would do a better job of containing and managing the many conflicted parts of Syria and Iraq that heretofore only Saddam Hussein could manage as a ruthless dictator.


Why? Because as the West hesitates, ISIL's quick advance and occupation of so much could take many months if not years and rivers of blood to reverse.  History has shown that dictatorships and totalitarianism can conceivably work for long perids of time.


Will we ever see again a benevolent dictator such as Tito who held together the former Yugoslav States till his passing in 1972? Naw. This monster has three heads (http://rinj.org/interactive/?page_id=998)I am beginning to theorize that this IS will take Baghdad soon and control Iraq by year's end and someday Syria too. What then? 


Da?esh, an unrecognized state comprised of the most ruthless psychopaths ever attached to an umbilical chord at birth.

Can A Coalition Of ground Forces Quash ISIL




America is a significant part of Iraqi history, having first invaded 25 years ago, roughly (early 1990), and staying in-country officially until 2011, unofficially til now. 



I am not America-bashing, but both Turkey and America need to take the lead fast and send troops to fight along side the indigenous peoples.



The stalemate these countries face needs to be broken or stopping IS will not otherwise happen. America and Turkey together carry this ball--just for now.


 Others will follow  as they have done in the past. This time expect to see troops even from Muslim nations if there is a counter offensive launched against ISIL. 



 This is not an easy decision. The IS has put the world at the brink of a major war with conflicted nations barely able to contain their lies, secrets and envies. Look at Turkey now.



Turkey, no matter it's violent outbreak of hostilities with the Kurds in Turkey, the Kurds who are by the way the indigenous native peoples of the eastern regions of that nation (sort of like America and the Plains Indians shooting at each other in 2014), is sitting at the border with  substantial mechanized army watching the slaughter of thousands.


A decision has to be taken. Countries are stuck because of the complex alliances with or against al-Assad and Baghdadi. 

ISIL Has Opened Pandora's Box from the WWIII Side




I think Turkey is dead right to demand agreement to the disassembly of al-Assad's Damascus-based ruthless rule of Syra prior to a coalition taking rules of engagement to an all-out offensive level. Unfortunately Putin of Russia is a buddy of ai-Assaad and NATO may end up fighting Russia in Syria. It is October 12, 2014, and the Peshmerga have battled the ISIL trrops near Kobani to the point of nearly destoying the city but still keepingthe ISIL out. That's only because ISIL has stretched itself thin sendng ten thousand troops toward Baghdad which they hope to enter soon. 



The troop s defending Baghdad are elite. Many of these top notch fighters are former (?) Ba'athists loyal to Saddam Hussein. How strong is their wil when push comes to shove. Sure, they are heavily Americanized but let's fce it, blood is thicker than water.   




So Turkey, wake up. Who do you want for a neighbour? Really! Maybe it's not such a good idea to push back so hard on the Americans and other  NATO nations trying to get you to do the right thing.



Turkey is loosing respect, dignity and its membership in some international communities is disgraced. Always Turkey has been a worry when conflict comes to this area of the world and always has Turkey failed its obligatins under the North American Treaty Alliance. Let no one forget how Turkey disgraced itself in 2003. This tiime, Istanbul's reticense to do the right thing could ruin the country's relative peace forever. WHe the hell would want ISIL as it's neighbour?  




 Let ISIL have it all (the Syria and Iraq part of the Levant), or stop them now before it is too late. Is that a tough decision? Could ISIL control and contain the multi-interests of the region as did or better than, Saddam Hussein? 



Nope. They will just kill everyone that is not as them, fundamentalist quasi-Sunni Muslims. 



The Ba'th Party forms a significant part of ISIL. The infrastructure and superb military acumen of ISIL is actually the Baath Party in disguise. Remember the Ba'athists? That's Saddam Husseins empire. 



They're back.



George Bush! Hey George! Your boy friend's back. Yeah, right. You can't see the humour. Me neither.  


The ISIS Crisis -- A Cold Hard Look At Reality: Humanitarian Aid Is Needed Immediately



* This crisis requires careful diplomacy and only the most well-planned action, if any at all. 



* Bolstering the Peshmerga and the Iraqi Army if it remains after the seige of Baghdad, plus strong and well spotted (need laser target acquisition techs on the ground) ordnance delivery, might be the best way ahead.



* Let the locals sort it out with as much help as can be made available. 



*  Meanwhile the NGO's of the world are needed more than ever to take good care of fleeing civilians. 



*  Nobody is going to stop the raping and inhumanities of these ghoulish psychopaths that this variant of quasi-Islam has bred, so urging people to flee to refugeee camps and across  borders is a number one priority. 



* Negotiating protected  humanitarian refugee corridors is essential.



* Citizens need to get out of the path of these human abherations and make their homes elsewhere. That's reality. 



* Humanitarian aide is what is needed. The world needs to wake up and get it done fast. If these people are not helped, human kind will be scarred forever by the result.

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