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"Islam is the motherload of bad ideas".  ( Sam Harris on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2780960/It-s-gross-s-racist-Ben-Affleck-clashes-guest-Bill-Maher-talk-claims-Islam-motherload-bad-ideas-host-compares-religion-Mafia.html

Muslims believe in a doctrine of conversion that compels members to convert everyone to their faith either by the word or by the sword; Muslims intrinsically hate women, which is bizarre because everyone came from a womb (so far, although I know of a few people I suspect of having been created in laboratory test tubes by a guy with electrodes on his skull) ; and live in a medieval paradigm that puts little value on... human life. Where in all that do you find "good" ideas?

At least the Catholics in 1963 with the Ecumenical Counsel began a transition to take their rituals out of the 1st century.

The Jews could take a page out of that book and the Muslims are somewhere in the 7th century, now well behind the Catholics in their modernization.

We have cell phones now and don't need smoke signals, people.

The continuously recurring, gory, bloody jihads top the list of bad ideas. Medieval psychopaths reborn in the 21st Century.

What's good about lunatics interpreting the Quran as a recipe for bloodfest,rape and torture. All bad ideas. We need to stop being afraid of saying that and invite everyone into the 21st century where we can all get along and stop killing each other over some God or another nobody has ever seen anyway. Among religions, Islam might just be the motherload of bad ideas.

People are not safe in their homes and must flee Islamic State and join millions of refugees.

There are no radicals of other religions killing and raping thousands of women in the Levant, only Muslims.

There is 1.6 billion Muslims in the world, roughly 23% of the world's population. That's a lot of voters so politicians must be careful not to criticize. 

All top three major religions need to set an exampleand get with the 21st century by guaranteeing the equal, inalienable right to safety of all humans.

Islam is stuck in a paradigm of 14 centuries ago.Try to existentially leave that moment to take stock. Hear a contrary view to your existent paradigm.

After seeing what I saw in Northern Iraq and Syria in the past fortnight, I am going to be insulting people for sure if its an insult to say "things need to change".

Islamic views about human rights, about women and about homosexuals are more than deeply troubling and while they may have been workable in the 7th century, they are no longer functional nor acceptable in today's emerging society. Reform is needed.

The Jews and the Catholics need also to fine tune.

I am a friend of Islam and as a friend of Islam I am going to say what needs to be said to my friend. Pull up your socks. Find your best reformers and get to work. Get into the 21st Century. You, friend, need to stop justifying martyrdom in the name of converting others to the faith. In order for the human species to continue its existence, enforceably, as a matter of the rule of law, every person must accept the inalienable right of each individual to their personal safety and a reasonable set of freedoms.

I am not saying that Islam is a bad idea but I take value from the quote, "Islam is the motherload of bad ideas" ( Sam Harris, Friday on HBO's Real Time with Bill Maher ). 

The psychopathic gore that has been going on in the name of Islam needs to stop or in the alternative, enforcement of society's rule of law will lead to far too much bloodshed.

As a journalist I have covered four wars in the Middle East. I have watched as countless thousands of Muslims acquiesce to disgusting conduct of their peers. That has to end too. Islamic views on human rights and women are breeding generations that don't fit where this world needs to go in order to survive beyond the next twenty years.

There's been enough killing and suffering over which God is better to turn too many plains of this once beautiful earth into a Godless haunt of death.

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