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January 11, 2015, "Je suis Charlie" day, a day too many French journalists and some Jewish shoppers did not see.

Today was not an appropriate day for our current Prime Minister Harper in Kingston, Ontario to be worshipping a genocidal racist drunk as if he, John A. Macdonald, is the first Canadian Prime Minister and father of Canada's confederation.

We'd do better forgetting the missteps of those days.

The truth is that, like it or not, the Right Honourable Pierre Elliot Trudeau gave Canada its Constitution, Bill of Rights and its social conscience.

Before that time, Canada mistreated its 1st Canadian communities; interned and mistreated Jews and Japanese at various times; ignored the rights of all women and genocidally condoned the rape and murder of aboriginal women; suffered revolutions; and turned its own military and paramilitary forces on its own people in Montreal and Oka. Oh Canada.

Harper's handlers are stupidly ignoring the past and hoping Canadians have a short memory. We need to admit that our past is speckled with misdeeds and the unacceptable behaviour of John A. Macdonald and his ilk is exactly that no matter how many ways Harper tries to re-write history.

We must never forget our sins so that they will never be repeated. For as long as we idolize murderous genocidal drunken lunatics we have little credence critiquing the likes of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi or Bashar al-Assad.

That's my sober thought on this day. The drunks are likely raising their last glasses of the day, to John, Eh! :o)

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