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"Who gave our leaders permission to do this? To what extent should the human species damage Earth (Gaia) in the pursuit of present-day personal wealth?", asks Themis' artist Ruffian Angel.

Public Not Consulted or Warned About Ultra Deep Sea Oil Drilling

Greed, Money & Power Led To Secret Pact

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No Mandate Was Given to Any Politician to do This! Who is to Blame?Who Gave Politicians permission to do this?

Looking for blame? The April 2010 "Deepwater Horizon" disaster is the direct consequence of the Obama and Bush administrations' promotion of deep sea oil drilling and the unrelenting greed of certain corporate structures without any moral code nor "conscience" whatsoever.

Oil is the new gold at over $75USD per barrel.

Oil is power and causes the bombing of cities and the overthrow of governments (i.e.: Iraq 2003~).

Oil is sovereignty and it's price is manipulated and fluctuated for their own good by larger producing nations when they don't get their way within the international community.

Oil is a weapon. In 1991, Iraqi troops allegedly spilled about 330 million gallons into the Persian Gulf and allegedly sabotaged oil fields to release 90 billion gallons during their retreat from Kuwait.

Oil is the biggest have/have-not disparity among nations. Those nations rich in oil are wealthy, powerful, and manipulate others.

Those nations with new-found oil wealth are subject to the manipulations of the sole superpower, U.S.A. which has an enormous military completely dependant on fossil fuels (with the notable exception of its nuclear Navy).

The Players

Apart from the government executives and elected officials in the United States, Canada and other oil-producing nations, the U.S. corporate world is dead centre in the current crisis. Among the companies at the forefront of the Gulf of Mexico crisis following the explosion and sinking of the "Deepwater Horizon" are:

British Petroleum PLC (BP)
, (a global independent oil company owned 30 % by Americans)

Halliburton Co. (
American company contracted to BP and the world's second largest oilfield services corporation with operations in more than 70 countries once led by former U.S. VP Dick Cheney and a key player as a contractor rebuilding Iraq).

"Halliburton is engaged in discussions with its customers and anticipates relocating equipment and personnel to other markets as appropriate," the company said in a filing with regulators after the U.S. government's sudden May 2010 halt of deepwater drilling.

(American company contracted to BP, and the world's largest offshore drilling company, operator of the now destroyed Deepwater Horizon), and

Nalco, maker of the chemical dispersant Corexit (see dispersant). According to BP spokesman Scott Dean, "Corexit is an EPA pre-approved, effective, low-toxicity dispersant that is readily available, and [BP] continues to use it."
Dispersant is used to minimize the visible impact of a massive hydrocarbon polluting event in ocean waters. The hydrocarbons of the spill are broken apart creating a much larger area of only lightly clouded, de-oxygenated water with lower toxicity in PPMs (particles per millions) spread over more than ten times the area of the original contaminant. (Most dispersant is packaged in a ten parts to one concentration although it can be much more widely dispersed over time and in a larger body of churning water, i.e.: hurricanes!).

Finger Pointing Begins

According to a lawsuit filed late May in U.S. Federal Court by Natalie Roshto, whose husband Shane, a deck floor hand, was thrown overboard by the force of the explosion and whose body has not yet been located, Halliburton is culpable for its actions prior to the incident.

By May's end, some 26 U.S. federal lawsuits had been filed since the "Deepwater Horizon" explosion by commercial fishermen, charter boat captains, resort management companies and individual property owners in Louisiana, Florida, Alabama and Mississippi. Many of the suits claim the disaster was caused when workers for oil services contractor Halliburton Inc. improperly capped a well — a process known as cementing. Halliburton denied the allegation. Investigators are still looking into the cause and litigators continue to flock to the area.

One thing is for certain, BP has a bad safety record no matter which contractors it used. and a questionable corporate moral code of conduct. BP has been criticized in the media for incomplete maintenance and faulty equipment. A blast at a refinery in Texas City, in 2005 killed 15 workers. A 2006 Alaskan pipeline spill occurred four years after BP had been warned about their corroded pipelines. BP pleaded guilty to felony counts in the Texas blast and a misdemeanour charge in the Alaska oil spill. In recent years BP has paid $485 million in fines and settlements to the U.S. government for environmental offences, neglect of workers' health and safety plus financial penalties for manipulating energy markets.

Who Authorized Politicians to Permit Unprecedented Tampering with Earth

Shortly before the explosion and loss of "Deepwater Horizon"
(see explosion), Transocean had been boasting of it's September 2009 success wherein the "Deepwater Horizon" offshore, partially submerged drilling rig had established a 35,050ft (10,680m) well, the deepest well in history -- more than 5,000 feet deeper than its stated design specification. (see proprietary Transocean Document) There was already a propensity to cut corners on safety standards while seeking more extravagant results from overstressed equipment and components.

It may eventually come to light that the well plans BP, Transocean and Halliburton have been using are meagre to the task and provide inferior well casings for many of the hundreds of wells operated in the Gulf of Mexico.

"Deepwater Horizon" had been boring the well known as MC 252, located in 5,067 ft of water about 50 miles from the coast of Louisiana, its drilling crews were planning to leave the site in order for a well completion rig to come in and prepare the well to go into production, but many things had been going wrong by then (see Explosion No Surprise). After the explosion on 20 April the rig sunk two days later leaving a tremendous flow of crude gushing from the broken well head at the sea bed.

The flow rates from the broken oil well are unknown. The flow is hard to measure because of the compression caused by immense water pressure at over a mile deep under the ocean.

Nothing exists to perform failsafe rescue and repair when something breaks.

Today in early June 2010 the lives of millions of people are impacted severely.

Who voted for this?
People have been killed;
livlihoods are lost;
beaches have been destroyed;
marshes and Wetlands have been destroyed;
countless life of every kind has been terminated;
numerous inland waterways are now compromised worse than ever; and
suffering among many species is leading to a slow, cruel death.
For many years, this leak could be spilling oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Who voted to allow this risk? This has never been an election issue nor plebicite.

To what extent should the human species damage earth (Gaia) in the pursuit of present-day personal wealth? What zany, irresponsible solutions will be tried next to fix the most recent eco-disaster?

Who Gave Politicians Permission To Do This?
Who gave politicians permission to do this?

Is This Disaster The Global Killer We All Feared?

Among the options being considered is a nuclear blast at the sea bed.
Using a nuclear fission blast equalling something in the vicinity of 50 kilotons of TNT, a nuclear 'bomb' would be used to create so much destruction and rubble as to seal the leak in the earth's crust on the ocean sea bed and stop the oil flow.

The nuclear bomb could also make things worse by opening up more of the earth's crust.

BP is stuck for a solution. A number of methods to stop the leak have already failed. BP first tried to place a dome over the leak, and then, siphon oil on to a barge, with limited success. Its "top kill" and "junk shot" methods, which involved pumping heavy fluids and debris into the well were abandoned over the weekend. BP subsequently warned that it could now take until August, when two relief wells are drilled, for the flow to stop.

In past decades, allegations against the former Soviet Union suggested it detonated a number of nuclear devices to seal up wells. We all know the value the Soviet Union placed on ecology and the human life.

-Ruffian.Angel at

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