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June 3, 2010 - The Mexican Gulf Ecological Disaster

Oil Pours Into The Gulf Of Mexico From Man-Made Volcano

Is a nuclear explosion really being considered?

This Could Become The Global Killer We All Feared?

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Among the options being considered in the press is a nuclear blast at the sea bed.
Using a nuclear fission blast equalling something in the vicinity of 50 kilotons of TNT, a nuclear 'bomb' would be used to create so much destruction and rubble as to seal the leak in the earth's crust on the ocean sea bed and stop the oil flow.
Nuclear Option in Mexican Gulf
The nuclear bomb could also make things worse by opening up more of the earth's crust.

The unpredictability of such a radically stupid concept has only negative impact scenarios associated.

Unfortunately, it was also a radically stupid concept in the first place to drill outside the design limits of all drilling equipment and beyond the known capability of existing disaster recovery techniques.

British Petroleum (BP) is stuck for a solution. A number of methods to stop the leak have already failed.

BP first tried to place a dome over the leak, and then, siphon oil on to a barge, with limited success. Its "top kill" and "junk shot" methods, which involved pumping heavy fluids and debris into the well were abandoned after they failed.

BP has warned that it could now take until August, when two relief wells are drilled, for the flow to stop.

Some scientists have warned that the leak may not be stopped for years.

In past decades, allegations against the former Soviet Union suggested it detonated a number of nuclear devices to seal up wells. We all know the value the Soviet Union placed on ecology and the human life. Recently an article in " Komsomoloskaya Pravda" suggested that the Soviet Union used nuclear weapons several times from the 1960s to the early '80s to cap their own out-of-control gas and oil wells, and urged the United States to do the same.

U.S. administration spokespeople and BP officials at the start of June 2010 firmly denied that the U.S. was contemplating a nuclear option, meanwhile a number of nuclear experts have voiced a favourable opinion and claim to have been consulted.

Under no circumstances should any politician be enabled to take this kind of action.

This type of disaster must never happen again.
Now is the time to make a resolve that mankind will abandon fossil fuel burning and seek good, proper energy solutions that will not endanger the delicate balance of earth. (Gaia).

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