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G20 Toronto Aftermath - Chief William Blair Must Go

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Sign The Petition Demanding Toronto Police Chief William Blair Be Removed From Office

Toronto, July 1, 2010 Canada Day - I watched raw video shot by CTV up Yonge Street to College from Queen & Spadina with the "Black Bloc". I can't understand why nobody stopped these small few thugs or at least removed a mask.

If it was someone stealing your wallet or kidnapping your kid you'd chase him down, wouldn't you?
Then you would know their identity. You can blame cops but maybe you should also look in the mirror. Thousands of police and ordinary people watched these black-clad thugs damage our city without doing a thing to interfere.

People! Did you not know that you have a fiduciary responsibility to act if you see crime? Why didn't somebody step up and confront these petty criminals?

Were the few thugs who tainted all demonstrators, police agitators? Many credible-sounding allegations suggest these black-clad persons were doing the bidding of police. That might explain why they were not arrested by police. It has also been rumoured that this was an undercover operation that went awry and that all along police intended to betray those they incited to riot by arresting them but their undercover operatives got burnt and had to be extracted! There are too many published theories to fairly recount here but suffice to say it is a controverted issue. In any case Blair should resign for his part and you citizens who were there alongside the CTV camera person need to hang your heads in shame.

I did see video of one brave soul try a citizen's arrest.
Rare. Kudos to him.
Officer explained the terms for accessing the property the demonstrator sought access to.
Officer at right patiently explains what statute he relies upon to inspect goods before allowing their entry to a public assembly at a municipal park.

I also have seen videos of so-called protestors
doing nothing more than taunting authority while others in the aftermath chant police brutality. Don't be swayed by this nonsense either. The citizens who have a stake in Toronto--their homes, lives, children, families, property, businesses etc.--have no tolerance for this type of conduct from other citizens.

Credibility? Leadership? Toronto Police Service (TPS) members lost their cars in the middle of empty streets and sure enough a lone pack of 25 losers comes along and burns them? Incompetence? Botched media-manipulation? Who cares? It was a totally botched policing effort.

If media people could attend on these criminals and do their job filming these crimes,
the many thousands of police certainly had the ability to do their job, attend on the criminals and arrest them. By late afternoon on the 26th of June, the G20 Summit was uneventful on the streets. Protesters were numerous, representing numerous groups and points of view and they were civilized in presenting those views and concerns. That was not going to justify spending the many $millions already ripped from the public purse by Chief Blair et al.

Police could have intercepted those criminals and prevented these crimes, couldn't they? But Blair told his troops to stand down, didn't he? He took a gamble on not getting caught against winning public support for the spending excesses already mounting to a world-record for a G20 Summit. You step down Blair. You permitted this crime to happen in our city in order for you to create an atrocious deception; a stupid political game; and you, you who we trusted to keep our city safe, caused the rape of our city. Step down, Blair. And then tell us who told you to do this.

Toronto Police Chief Bill Blair says that those thugs running up Yonge street with a hammer
were "terrorists". I was actually afraid that some organization that hates the "West" or "have" countries (as opposed to the "have-nots") might use the occasion of having some 25 world leaders in one spot, Toronto, to test a chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear (CBRN) weapon. Tactical nuclear devices derived from old Red Army artillery shells and the like are feared just as are Iran's foolish exploits in that arena. Some speculate an advanced physics student could make a dirty bomb; or a bio-student could make a tabin, sarin, ebola or anthrax weapon.

In the wake of the March 1995 sarin attack on the Tokyo subway, and the 2001 anthrax attacks on America, as well as other high-casualty terrorist incidents like the 11/09/2001 hijacked aircraft attacks on America, governments and publics alike are viewing with growing concern the potential threat posed by chemical, biological, radiological, or nuclear weapons in the hands of terrorists. Blair's invoking that fear in the aftermath of G20 Toronto for a bunch of punks or agents provocateurs with a hammer is the most disingenuous, weaselling, waffling piffle to ever come from a Toronto Police Chief. The extent of his arrogance is a thing untold. That will come if need arises.

There is no excuse good enough that says ten (or was it twenty) thousand cops couldn't catch up with 25-50 running punks from the CTV Globemedia Bldg all the way up to College Park--a CTV camera person was able to do that along with a bunch of stupid, culpable gawkers! Wasn't there at least a few swift-footed TPS members! Or were some of those punks actually cops in disguises? Some allegations suggest the latter. Who is lying?

Bill Blair. Why did you lie about the weapons seized from protesters?
Why were there items in your display of G20 Protesters' paraphernalia that actually came from totally unrelated occurrences? Why did you lie about invoking some obscure Ontario Statute? Why are you not being straight with the public? Who was in charge if not you? Why did you command TPS members to arrest and detain journalists and other members of the media? Why did you without authority of Parliament, abandon the Canadian Constitution and Charter of rights?

I feel for TPS members who had to follow orders that in their gut they knew were wrong.
Blair's time has come. He presided over a fiasco.

In my opinion, Chief Blair should resign because I believe he lied to us. I believe he deliberately tainted a large group of ordinary innocent citizens to justify excessive spending from the public purse. I saw that he unlawfully caused the arrest of innocent people whose conduct was far above reproach. I also further believe he, for wrongful purpose deliberately let those black-clad and masked-thugs burn pre-positioned police cars then continue through Toronto, unhindered, breaking windows and doing repeated crime. I have no confidence in Mr. Blair doing his job. Toronto needs to have confidence that its police will apprehend all criminals including criminals whose acts the Chief for any reason supports or exploits to taint or controvert a larger group of citizens. Toronto has learned from the G20 Summit things it does not like about its police services and that can only change under a new command.

Thanks for your service Chief. Retire in good health but retire you must. There are enough good people ready to do a great job. Give them a chance.

If the leaders involved in this thing believe they can get away with what happened in Toronto Canada 24-27 June, they have another think coming.


* The average Toronto copper on G20 duties did a good job. Their leaders' decisions were very bad. This thing should not have happened in Toronto. It was a big mistake of leadership, not cops. THANKS to the individual Toronto copper who served the people of Toronto well. To those small percentage who abused their authority, take up another career.

* Check this out: What not to do if you are a demonstrator.

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