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G20 Police Did The Crime Themselves For Media Show

In either case, if the black-clad, black-bloc-tactic vandals were undercover cops or in the alternative theory if the Police Command simply stood down to allow 25 thugs rampage across the city to create a media spectacle justifying exorbitant overspening of public funds, it was a crime done by the Chief of Police against the people of Toronto.

G20 Toronto Post Mortem

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I just don't understand how the G20 weekend went so wrong on the basis of how real people conducted themselves. Maybe ten thousand people participated peacefully in a wide range of protests. You can say they were right or wrong in the points they were making but for sure they behaved well.

I watched raw video shot by CTV up Yonge to College from Queen & Spadina with the "Black Bloc" I can't understand why nobody stopped these small few thugs. Then you would know their identity! You can blame cops but maybe you should look in the mirror. Thousands of ordinary people watched these thugs damage our city without doing a thing also. Anyway. I believe Police Chief Blair is a liar and incompetent. Sign the petition if you like:

But the behaviour of about thirty actors and the reaction of ten thousand cops stole the entire show.

By late in the first day of the G20 it appeared that the entire thing would come off without a single disturbance. Torontonians are good people. Toronto The Good was alive and well.

There was a lot of tension in the air caused by thousands of heavily armoured cops visible everywhere down town combined with word that a sneaky effort by authorities had passed an obscure piece of legislation stating that the summit site fell under a 1930's defined special work site allowing police extraordinary powers over the citizens in Toronto.

As June 26 progressed it looked like our leaders were absolute fools for spending so much money on security and moreover were unjustified waiving the Canadian Constitution as it pertained to personal rights and freedoms.

Suddenly things began to heat up as a group of seemingly ordinary people amidst the summer crowds of protesters jumped into action. They covered up with black hoodies and the like and began to run off on their own, agitating the local riff-raff into committing violent acts and all the while spraying cameras to avoid any kind of identification.

But it's 2010 and camera's are everywhere.

June 26 Video inadvertently caught extraction of police undercover "Black Bloc" personnel.

Watch the person dressed in black wearing black face covering in the video still indicated here by a white arrow.

Watch the person dressed in black wearing black face covering in the video still indicated here by a white arrow.
Watch the person dressed in black wearing black face covering in the video still indicated here by a white arrow.
Watch the entire video and you will see police extracting certain undercover individuals from the protest group and drawing them behind a police line all the while trying to obviate all photographic recording of the event.

Watch the person dressed in black wearing black face covering in the video still indicated here by a white arrow.

After Letting Undercover Cops Pass Through Police close up line
After Letting Undercover Cops Pass Through Uniformed Police close up line

At least one of the people seen in coverage of the so-called "anarchist" 'Black Bloc' protesters on Queen Street setting fires and running amok with a hammer is later seen being extracted by undercover cops who draw him and several others behind a police line by using diversionary tactics.

Starting from 40 seconds in the video linked below, notice on the right the hooded person wearing all black clothing and another who has just taken off his hood. Police close the line and keep camera operators at bay. It failed. The camera man got his shot but did not realize what he had until a CBC journalist evaluated the material on YouTube on June 27.

Once a very visible and seemingly atrocious (must be indictable offence) crime has been committed, police are allowed under the Criminal Code of Canada to give pursuit and as part of a series of contiguous acts detain any person they feel could be a person of interest in the matter of this indictable crime. At this stage police can pretty well arrest everyone in sight, by the hundreds or thousands. That's why they needed a very visible and seemingly atrocious crime event late in the day on June 26.

A number of police cars were left in the MIDDLE of roads away from trees, telephone poles and buildings and later were set afire by so-called "Black Bloc" tacticians. When they were set alight, no police intervened despite there being hundreds within a few meters. Police watched as the fellow in the picture above smashed a few windows.

Black Bloc does not refer to a group of people, it is a rioting tactic used by all sides.

Police do undercover work all the time. Infiltrating groups of quasi-urban-terrorists is a worthwhile pursuit but there comes a time when drawing a line you find undercover operations running above the law.

This is one UC that got out of hand. It was misused in a very sleazy manner by somebody higher up the chain than those brave operatives who conduct operations in the pursuit of legitimate law enforcement.

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The average Toronto copper on G20 duties did an amazing job. Their leaders' decisions were very bad. This thing should not have happened in Toronto. It was a big mistake of leadership, not cops. THANKS to the individual Toronto copper who served the people of Toronto well. To those very small percentage who abused their authority, take up another career.

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