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PM Harper, Toronto Mayor Miller & Police Chief Blair, Must Resign


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Sign The Petition Demanding Toronto Police Chief William Blair Be Removed From Office

G20 Site - June 28 - Harper, Miller and Blair Conspired To Incite A Riot and Conduct Illegal Arrests. The Three Must Be Charged and Must Resign.

They gave a party and nobody came. Some 900 million dollars were spent on the G8/G20 Summits, much of it on security and the threat did not materialize. These men then conspired to make it look as if the 900 million dollars they spent, some on contracts to their cronies, was money well spent.

Violating Civil Rights; False Imprisonments; Corrupt Purchasing Practices; Allegedly planting undercover cops among university students to incite "Black Bloc" tactical swarm which was tasked with igniting a theatrically staged abandoned police car; breaking windows; and kicking over garbage cans.

The Black Bloc "Riot" Was A Fraud?

PM Harper, Toronto Mayor Miller & Police Chief Blair Must Resign

The allegations against these men are as follows:

1) Harper, Miller and Blair are guilty of criminal negligence causing harm to numerousThree Men: Harper, Miller and Blair Should Face Charges complainants having with malice and forethought brought harm to their constituents inasmuch as they each have previously declared they expected violence and destruction of property would occur in Toronto if a G20 Summit would be held there. Despite their prior belief that they would cause harm to the people of Toronto and to the personal and private property of Torontonians, they still persisted in bringing their event to the downtown part of Toronto instead of a safer place in a remote rural part of Ontario. 

2) Miller and Blair claim they forecasted withdrawal of civil liberties that did in fact happen on the weekend of June 25-27, 2010 and that they took extralegal steps to make certain that they would cause such Human Rights and Civil Rights violations nonetheleast of which was freedom of speech, freedom of person, and freedom from illegal search and seizure.

3) Policing in the City of Toronto ordered by Police Chief Blair and done by as many as 5,000 troops under his command at any one time was not for the purpose of protecting the public or public property but instead was done to serve up certain media images and certain whimsical responses to media coverage as was determined from time to time at the whim of Harper (directly or indirectly), Miller and Blair; and further was to achieve certain arrest body counts in a makeshift jail.
Many Unlawful Arrests at G20 in Toronto
4) Arrests ordered by Miller and Blair on the weekend of June 25-27, 2010 were illegal arrests according to federal statutes.

5) These three men brought the leaders of 27 countries into the heart of Toronto putting at risk the financial center of Canada and the population of its most populous city. The event should have been held in a rural area.

6) These three men risked attracting real terrorists to Toronto, whom, had they wanted to destroy the top 22 countries' governments of the world, could have brought mass destruction to Toronto.

7) These three men put Torontonians at risk of real terrorists who train in blowing up major bridges; punching holes in nuclear reactors; flying airplanes into buildings; driving massive car bombs at terrifying speeds into protected sites; planting tactical nuclear weapons in strategic locations; and deploying nerve agents and weapons of biological origin in urban infrastructures like subways and large buildings.

8) These three men are allegedly guilty of inciting a riot by seeding University of Toronto and other student body activists with undercover police operatives who encouraged and participated in public mischief levels of violence against the City of Toronto inasmuch as they with those they incited broke windows, overturned garbage cans and triggered fires in pre-positioned and stage-managed abandoned police cars.xcessive use of force by Marshal Law Police at G20 in Toronto

9) These three men are guilty of violating the civil rights of thousands of would-be protesters who were denied the opportunity to publicly voice their opinions on a wide range of public policy issues.

10) These men conspired to assign valuable contracts for fencing, security personnel, equipments and services to friends and acquaintances instead of using fair and proper Service Canada tendering processes.
A statement of particulars will follow.
Unarmed Civilians Tried To Raise Their Voices at G20 Summit In Toronto


The average Toronto copper on G20 duties did an amazing job. Their leaders' decisions were very bad. This thing should not have happened in Toronto. It was a big mistake of leadership, not cops. THANKS to the individual Toronto copper who served the people of Toronto well. To those very small percentage who abused their authority, take up another career.

Ruffian.Angel @