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"Protecting Earth is the role of every aspect of earth including it's over-populating, prolific polluters--the Human species. If you seek blame in the 'Deepwater Horizon' disaster, look in your own mirror," says Themis artist Ruffian Angel.

June 7, 2010 - The Mexican Gulf Ecological Disaster

Public Policy Makers are to Blame, Not The Companies That Exist In The Market Created By The Politicians.

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Blaming British Petroleum PLC (BP) Is A Fool's Game.

Look in the mirror instead.

United States President Barack Obama says  "BP's to blame and BP will pay", but it is an American company TransOcean  that owns the problematic drilling rig under contract to BP with American contractors from the American company Halliburton using American technology in American coastal waters under American public policy administerd by American President Barack Obama. (See DeepWater Horizon Explosion No Surprise.)

The most powerful man in the world has deflected attention and responsibility from himself and pumped up Americans with loathing and hatred for a single company, British Petroleum using rabble-rousing and muck-raking tactics to deal with a national/global crisis that was spawned by faulty American public policy: the aggressive pursuit of offshore, deep-water oil drilling.

The Deepwater Horizon disaster site is not the only leak in the Mexican Gulf. As many as 40 rigs have been leaking and not far from the Deepwater Horizon MC252 site is the Ocean Saratoga operated by Diamond Offshore for Taylor Energy Inc. which has been leaking since the end of April. In the case of the latter, thousands of gallons of dispersant have been used to minimize the visibility of the leak. In all, the policy of offshore drilling is to blame, not any one particular company.

At MC252 the hands of the surgeon are on the scalpel.
British Petroleum's contractors are performing delicate surgery on explosive materials in a hostile environment under a column of water one mile high.

On the surface those same surgeons are berated
as badly as CNN ever berated alleged child molesters. Meanwhile, all life on earth needs the the earliest possible success of those surgeons in order to survive.
The Burning "Deepwater Horizon" An American Drilling Rig For Drilling Operations by Americans In American Coastal Waters Under American Public Policy
What's wrong with this picture.

Pursuing the current Obama-Administration initiative for deep-water offshore oil drilling
the TransOcean-owned  "Deepwater Horizon" drilling rig had been boring the oil well known as MC252 for British Petroleum, located in 5,067 ft of water in United States Coastal waters about 50 miles from the coast of Louisiana.

The enormous environmental risk of deep water drilling was again realized
after an explosion on 20 April that killed 11 workers aboard the Deepwater Horizon. The rig sunk two days later leaving a tremendous flow of crude gushing from the broken and bent risers that had slid to the bottom of the ocean at the marine well head .

Since that time, while bombarded with a horrible deluge of abuse,
BP has spent over a $billion USD and sent over 22,000 of its workers to the cause of fixing the MC252 problem.

Simultaneously the most powerful man in the world rants "BP's to blame and BP will pay,"
like an 8-year-old who blames the missing slice of pie to his mother on the the 'bully down the street'.

Most Americans, the vast majority, will  buy into this blame projection.

The stupidest ones like Obama-supporting network CNN hosts for example,
buy into the "BP's to blame and BP will pay." line  whole heartedly and started recommending on Friday 3 June that tourists come to Louisiana to eat the oil-drenched crustaceans and  "don't worry if you get sick, it will only last a few days and you will recover".

Pouring scorn on BP does't solve any problem.
The most powerful man in the world should have taken control.

The oil is still gushing  into the Gulf of Mexico
and U.S. President Obama still insists that deep water offshore oil drilling is still OK, an important part of the United States' energy strategy. Everyone who supports this notion should stop blaming BP and others and look in the mirror instead.

Despite the adversarial position of British Petroleum Versus The United States established by Obama,
that company has continued to apply one after another effort to fixing the problem without hesitation and is currently well on its way to performing an unprecedented technological intervention on a runaway, U.S. Policy-created volcanic  eruption of gooey brown crude oil into our water.

As for the litigators and the assignment of blame, numerous courts and various tribunals are already evaluating those issues and will assign blame based on facts, and not, we hope, upon political careers and imperatives.

What is far more important than finding blame is the need to:
  1.  Fix the immediate ecological disaster;
  2. Stop drilling for oil under the oceans and immediately begin closing up the currently or potentially polluting wells in places like the Niger River delta, The Gulf of Mexico, The British North Sea, and more .
  3. Focus all efforts and resources available on developing alternatives to burning fossil fuels.

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