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June 14, 2010 - The Mexican Gulf Ecological Disaster

MC252 Leak is Out Of Control

Is the MC252 well wall compromised beyond all hope?

Did U.S. Oil Exploration Policy Spawn A Globe Killer

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In the context of oil drilling successes and failures, MC252 is a huge find. The crew of the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig were enormously successful and the enterprise aspects of MC252 blow the top off expectations.

This is one of the biggest oil reservoirs ever struck, far more than human technology can contain.

Minor flaws in a cement encasement intended to seal British Petroleum's (BP) MC252 well were most likely the root of last month's deadly explosion on the Deepwater Horizon drilling rig, according to interviews, government officials, congressional hearing testimony, drilling reports and other company documents.

The fact that cement casing of the well failed deep in the earth is giving rise to more and more theories that the earth has begun to crack around MC252 and that oil seeping from compromised concrete well walls thousands of meters below the surface is pushing its way horizontally and upwards to the ocean sea bed and rushing upwards from many cracks in the sea bed.
The Leaking well-Wall Theory
A Russian scientist and expert in ROV robotics for deep-sea ocean wells, Anatoly Sagalevich, has circulated a report claiming the oil leaking into the Gulf of Mexico is not just coming from the 22 inch well bore site being shown on American television.

Sagalevich has reportedly claimed 18 other sites on a "fractured sea floor", with the largest being nearly 11 kilometres from Mc252 where the Deepwater Horizon sank, are spewing into these waters an estimated "2 million gallons of crude per day".

Common sense suggests it must certainly be true that deep in the well, cement, or pipes encased by cement, had to have failed first before any of the publicly known events happened.

BP has always maintained that drilling relief wells is the best and final solution to the problem and history suggests BP is right.

A series of relief wells will slowly deplete the enormous crude oil reservoir that the now sunk "Deepwater Horizon" struck months ago.

In the meantime MC252 is a very productive oil well having faulty cement casings, deep in the bowels of a volcanic oil reservoir eruption, with no surface controls capable of controlling it.

Deepwater Horison April 21

Unambiguously, MC252 is now completely out of control.

The early June plan to kill the well by injecting heavy drilling fluids through the blowout preventer (BOP) on the seabed failed to stem the flow of oil and gas and despite successfully pumping a total of over 30,000 barrels of heavy mud in three attempts at rates of up to 80 barrels a minute.

BP's 'top kill' operation, which also fired materials such as golf balls and shredded tyres into the BOP to clog it, was followed with a containment device known as a lower-marine riser package cap,, a piece of equipment that sits on top of the failed blowout preventer at the seabed, 5000 ft below the surface of the ocean, a hostile environment where only robots can operate.

Other attempts to stop the crude included the use of remotely operated subs (ROV) triggering switches to close the BOP valves and placing the Top Hat, a steel and concrete container, over the broken pipe to collect the oil.

Today we have an out-of-control, man-made, volcano-like eruption of crude oil and methane gas pouring billions of litres of oil into the ocean.

U.S. President Barack Obama intends to address the United States and the world in a televised broadcast at 8:00PM 15 June.

What Can Obama do Besides Blame an Oil Company For U.S. Energy & Oil Exploration Policies 

We hope President Obama is prepared to wake up and realize that U.S. offshore oil policies have now begun to substantially kill life on earth.

More manpower is needed for the clean-up. We would like to see the United States bring all the troops and weapons back from Iraq and help clean up the coast lines of the Mexican Gulf and Eastern Seaboard. Protect America, Mr. Obama. You promised to get out of Iraq. Get out! Now promise to take responsibility for American lives and livelihood and do something substantial about the clean up. 

Yes. Bring in the Army to genuinely save American lives and protect freedoms. Now.

MC252 Leak is Out Of Control

21,000-pound megamunition to generate a king-sized shock wave that would force those leaking pipes on the seabed shut

U.S. Marine Technologist Suggests 21,000-pound munition to generate a  shock wave that would force leaking pipes shut

The People Of Earth Have Few Options Left To Us By Leaders Like Bush And Obama

We are now stuck with more drilling of more wells to relieve the pressure from the massive oil reservoir struck by "Deepwater Horizon".

But drain the reservoir we must. This unmitigated nonsense circulating about a nuclear option is pure "crash and burn" logic.

In recent developments

  1. While three relief well drilling efforts get fully underway, British Petroleum Plc (BP) said on 11 June (last Friday) it collected 15,400 barrels (646,800 gallons/2,448,404 liters) of oil in 24 hours on 10 June, a small decrease from 15,800 barrels collected in the previous 24 hours.
  2. That brings the cumulative total for six days to more than 88,700 barrels (3,725,400 gallons/14,102,173 liters), BP said.
  3. BP said it is reconfiguring a service rig used in the failed "top kill" attempt to receive and burn an additional 5,000 to 10,000 barrels per day.
  4. Once a "hard cap" containment system is in place by the middle of July, BP's oil-siphoning capacity will rise to up to 50,000 barrels per day, U.S. Coast Guard Admiral Thad Allen said. BP's collection capacity is currently about 18,000 barrels per day, Allen said.
  5. U.S. scientists on Thursday doubled their high-end estimate of the amount of crude oil flowing from BP's stricken well into the Gulf of Mexico to as much as 40,000 barrels per day (1.68 million gallons/6.36 million liters).
  6. Florida demanded $2.5 billion in escrow to cover potential losses funds as heavier oil washed ashore.
  7. Mexico said it expects oil to reach its shores by December and is considering how to sue BP for damages.
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